Laptop Hard Drive Crash

Another hard drive has crashed in my laptop.

While I am unable to recover my data, and will have to scrounge for replacement parts, I did come across a website with an interesting variety of Datacent.comFailing hard drive sounds.


jamesmax said...

yo cat man i did not know you had a bolg

do you remaber me? im jamesmax we founded newnewcanada togethter

yep sill got bad spelling

so what hapend? like I dont log on for a week and the server gone then one more week and the web page is gone too. hell it toke me this long just to fined out you had a bolg

about the blog its nice, i like the About Meow. lol

are you sill playing mincraft? I found a cool server call minelife it has cool mods like hunger and land claim the ip is

its lagy as hell for me right now but if is not for you log on head to old spawn then head N untill you see the big ass canada flag That my fort lol I have not log on to the server in sum time so I dont know wen they moved spawn or why

ok im starting to rambel on hope you get this

sy for spelling - jamesmax

Darren said...

I haven't been playing minecraft as much lately.
Mostly because I'm anticipating this computer quitting soon.

I'll be certain to visit your server once I have this replaced in a month or so.

jamesmax said...

thats grate in a month the updates they are doing sould be done cant wait to paly wif you agen

Darren said...

(There were more comments attached to this but an unfortunately un-intuitive UI resulted in them being deleted.)

Jamesmax said...

yo snowcat!

dont know if your aver going to see this but the server i was talking about is now up and runing (the guy hou was makeing it left to help japan so it did not get done as fast as i thot as a new guy had to start over) but its working now and the hunger and land claim mods are working well the IP is log on anytime and see if im on. If you do join i can help you get started (food weps a claimed house) also the website blog thing is


and the main site is


hope to see you online -jamesmax

Darren said...

I'll visit soon.

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