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Next step is to make it into a working keyboard, now that would be impressive!
- Alan Parekh on February 28, 2010

Well, I'm drafting a USB peripherial controller board, this looks like something it can do, and I have the source code for that one button keyboard I made last year, how difficult can it be to create a electro-mechanical input device with 100x the input data with electrical connections that need to move freely in three dimensions, along three axis, interchanagably whilst not losing electrical integrity.

The only difficult part will be scrounging 150 tactile switches for a 5x5x5 cube

Bonus points if I can finish building it before somebody else does.


New Toy

I have received my Sworche:Mover MP5 Player in the mail today from DealExtreme:(SKU 28877).

I was asked by a number of companies to source an affordible 'mini' PDA. I figured that repurposing a handheld game&mpeg player would be the only way we could stay within the $50 price envelope set by cellphones with PDA capabilities while remaining fabless.

I've intentionally broken and repaired it already and I have to say that the build and design quality are to par with what my clients are seeking, and significantly higher than I was expecting (which was not great). This appears to have been repackaged as packing the materials and methods of each of the accessories are different from each other, and what is discribed by vendor. The distributor tells me that this is because of their quality control checks. This would also explain why thie unit has evidence of having been cycled (charded, discharged, configured and fully feature tested).

With little modification I should be able to add touch, USB and bluetooth host capabilities; however the software needs significant work, especially the spectrum analyser.

Fortunately my clients are companies of software developers who are responding to requests by three different distributors. Two of which have tried to deploy what are now being called 'mini PDAs' due to a trademark infringement suit.

Because of a confict of intrest I terminated relations with one client when another offered me a permanent position- shortly before that company tanked. So this player will be my USB drive/e-book reader for the time being.

Edit: LOL, I just noticed that there was no opening in the case for the "Opuonal" camera.

Aww ----

Exepcting my travelling companion to stir up shit I decided to remove all CAD programs from my laptop before travelling to the states to avoid accusations of illegally exporting technology in addition other technological activities which are legal where I am now, but not in the states.

Upon returning I recieved notice that one of my major projects was due and I being the dubious bastard I am, was waiting for the request before submiting. (Also the design was still a bit rough.) I was surprised that the Eagle link was still in my startmenu; However, this link was broken as Eagle's uninstaller had neglected to remove the links and associations from my system.

Undetered I downloaded the new version from their homepage and after installing it was surprised that it was requesting the My Documents/Eagle be created. Figuring that I deleted it I clicked no and started to browse for my not in a default location projects folder on my C: drive. It was not there. Neither was the copy of an old backup on my desktop that I had included in Eagle's directory config. And my backup drive is nowhere close to up to date as I had to use that cable for my network printer.

So now a major project is due and the best backup I have is eight months old.


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After having had my work at blog deleted for not being marketable I've decided to start a public blog recording my projects, social misadventures, musings and other inane remarks along the lines of "I went to the Cheesecake Factory (Naples, Fl.) and didn't get any cheesecake- I was unprepared for the enormous portions of food and filled up on chicken and ribs."

I am a 25 26 year old male that looks athetic healty despire having let himself completely go before leaving highschool. A casual game of soccer last week with the extended-family has demonstrated just how badly my endurance has detoriated. I couldn't eat my share of tacos after 45 min of play.

I've studied Electronics Engineering Technology and have decided recluctantly not to pursue my Master's Degree; and my thesis project was a $50/50Mhz 4x24-bit oscilloscope. Despite continued inquiries I am doubtful that I will mapp mass produce it since it is not exciting enough to hold my attention.

I am single and I meow at people.
The two may be related.