After having had my work at blog deleted for not being marketable I've decided to start a public blog recording my projects, social misadventures, musings and other inane remarks along the lines of "I went to the Cheesecake Factory (Naples, Fl.) and didn't get any cheesecake- I was unprepared for the enormous portions of food and filled up on chicken and ribs."

I am a 25 26 year old male that looks athetic healty despire having let himself completely go before leaving highschool. A casual game of soccer last week with the extended-family has demonstrated just how badly my endurance has detoriated. I couldn't eat my share of tacos after 45 min of play.

I've studied Electronics Engineering Technology and have decided recluctantly not to pursue my Master's Degree; and my thesis project was a $50/50Mhz 4x24-bit oscilloscope. Despite continued inquiries I am doubtful that I will mapp mass produce it since it is not exciting enough to hold my attention.

I am single and I meow at people.
The two may be related.


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