Back log

I have over the last few months accumuliated quite a back log of projects and articles:
  • Rubrix cube keyboard
    1. Design log (needs editing)
    2. Theory of operation (to do)
    3. construction (to do)
  • ZX80 PCB etching (needs editing)
  • Solid State Drive ROM
    1. disassembly of ROM (needs editing)
    2. rewriting from scratch (to do)
    3. redesign (to do)
  • Sega SMS/GameGear development
    1. Library research summary (incomplete, 'new' information keeps surfacing)
    2. Papercraft components (to do)
    3. 1M dev cart clone (incomplete)
    4. 4M dev cart (to do)
  • Keyboard decoding (needs editing)
  • Trash documentary series (to do)
  • Minecraft (to do)

I'll see about clearing these up.

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