New Toy, new project.

The head from a Curtis DVD8723.

I bought this on Craig's List and met the seller at Union Station. The ad originally indicated that there were no batteries, however it would seem that the seller installed a fresh pack of NI-MH cells, and was selling this because he is cleaning out his apartment, and would rather someone use it instead of throwing it out. This also explains the hand-made cable and other extras thrown in. (The DVD laser is not working, however the CD laser is, and it is a standard part if I decide to fix it later.)

Overall this is is excellent condition for my purposes, only one wire needed to be fixed (it was pierced by a screw), and only the pin configuration of the ports need to be determined. all are TRS 3.5mm or barrel connector, but 'S-video' and 'composite video' are the most curious. Composite seems to be carried by ring and tip (right channel), but using a TR connector produces the same results.

I plan on using this to build a portable IntelliVision since I have been wanting an IntelliVision again for years, and I figure it would look good in my portfolio.

This is the 25-in-1 IntelliVison Lives .comthat my dad (with some encouragement) has modified to accept an AC adaptor instead of gobbling up so many AA's every day. Sadly this is not an IntelliVision but is a Nintendo-on-a-Chip system made by TechnoSourcehk.com. Internally the glob of epoxy that is supposed to be covering the chip (Dunno which is the NOAC or the cartridge) isn't, exposing the extremely fragile wires. There is also no output filtering or amplification (except for what's on the chip). Between these two efectors of the many screens I've tried none are able to display the image correctly, there always instability and/or a lack of colour.

Fortunately running the signal through a video amplifier seems to cure the instability, and I have many video amplifiers. Unfortunately these are in VCR's, DVD players and tuners that are not very portable. I'm going to wait and see how 'good' the video out from a real IntelliVision is before I start making modifications.

I believe that I will need to scrounge for the parts I need for the cube and SSD locally. I doubt that my stuff will arrive.

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