Fixya. Fixed/Neutered.

I am a user on Fixya.com.

While they have 'fixed' the problem of hidden formatting consuming space in posts, as encountered here. They have done so by brutally sanitizing the HTML to the point where it will delete any specaly formatted content, often losing the critical distinction between A and A or B and B.

Sorry about asking to be contacted here, but I don't want to expose my current e-mail on a help forum and it is no longer possible for me to embed it to be visible to only the intended recipient on Fixya now.


Ornithorhynchus said...

My HP Officejet pro K550 is only printing the first few lines of my document, then it just stops, does not even return the paper???

Could you help me, too?

Unknown said...

Hi there.

I have an HP Pro K550 that's been out of use for a while. The black ink has expired although there's plenty left and print quality is OK.
From your comment on Fixya, I think you might have a patch for the HP drivers that will overcome the out-of-date cartridge? If so I would greatly appreciate a copy.

Iain House

Darren said...


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