Re: Broken wire in collector cell

I am posting this here because of a post length limit on Fixya.com.

This happened to me.
If the tiny wire touches another layer in the collector cell it will short.

You could remove the wire, however that would reduce the effectiveness of your cleaner and may void your warranty.

This is how I repaired my 'broken' cell. Only attempt this if you are very good with a pair of pliers and do not mind voiding the warranty.
  • Cell disassembly
    1. remove the collector cell from the air purifier

    2. Separate the charcoal filter and dust screen

    3. standing the cell on its edge press firmly down on the edge of the metal contact and release the tab holding it in place
      • The metal should lift from the plastic tab without any resistance

    4. This should expose an electrical contact rail with metal tabs folded up/down onto it. Lift and straiten these tabs
      • Care should be taken not to break these as these are what hold the cell together mechanically and electrically

    5. {Repeat for all four contacts}

    6. Slide the ends off of the filter and carefully remove the center combs/clips that maintain the spacing between the layers of the cell
      • These are held in place by plastic tabs that are rigid. These tabs will not separate easily but will break if they are bent too far.

  • Layer Disassembly
    1. Lift the metal tabs that hold the wire in place. This is easiest by pushing the tab through the 'bottom'
      • In all three of my units the metal wire was wrapped around the tab before being crimped in place

    2. Unwind the wire from the tabs and set it across the tabs

    3. Crimp one end of the wire in the end tab by pressing the tab flat (back into its hole) over the wire. If you have two pieces of wire use tabs at opposite ends of the layer
      • Flatness is important, as any bump will create a short gap at which the voltage can leak/arc more easily

    4. Bring the loose ends to the center tab tightly and crimp those in place, being careful to wrap up an ends that could produce a spark-gap with a neighboring layer

    5. Press all of the tabs securely and trim any stray bits that could produce a short or a spark

  • Suggested Cell assembly

    1. Flatten the end tabs of each layer that they can fit into the slots in the caps more easily

    2. making certain that the layers are orientated correctly and in the right order slot each one into an end cap

    3. Check that these are in the correct order!
      • Are the layers {flat, wire, flat, wire, flat, wire, flat, wire, flat}?

      • Is the label on the outside?

      • Is the label on the top, where the dust screen is inserted from?

      • Does the Front arrow on the label point to the dust screen?

      • Are all of the wires infront?

    4. Once you have gotten that right make certain that the contact rail is in place on the end of the cap and fold the tabs up/down securing the layers

    5. Replace the plastic combs/clips from the center of the filter
      • this is easiest one layer at a time

    6. Install the opposite end cap and secure those tabs

    7. Replace all four metal contacts

Oreck replaced my unit in full knowledge of my repair however, this was a gratuitous act outside of warranty. Do not expect a replacement if your repair is unsuccessful or detected.

It has been suggested that it may not be necessary to remove the layer from the cell. I havent had to try that but will in the unlikely event that I have another wire break.

Fixya fix this.

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