The project I mentioned eariler on this blog in Aww Fuck, has finished its initial design phase and is about due to begin prototyping.

It is a developer board w/ perpherials (serial, GPIF, ADC, bellswhistles, etc.) based on the Digikey.com:Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP™, successor to the Cypress EZ-USB FX™ which my team built the Turner oscilloscope with.[1]

In contrast to the $500 Digikey.com:Cypress EZ-USB Development Kit this has been designed down to a minimum system with only the peripherials needed to use the Microprocessor. I won't promise an exact price, but i expect that it will sell for less than $100 and more than $20.

I plan to develop a number of projects with this board over the next year, including the keyboard.

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