Disable Quick-Find in Firefox 10.0

docs.google.com meow_omni.zip for Firefox 10.0's omni.ja(r) (found in the application's installation directory)

Copying the files meow_omni.zip over those in omni.ja(r) will permanantly disable Fast-Find/Quick-Find/FAYT.

I could make this fully about:config controllable, by only inserting the following into the beginning of findbar.xml's "_shouldFastFind" method.

    var meow_pref = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/preferences-service;1"].
    return prefs.getBoolPref("accessibility.typeaheadfind.shouldFastFind");
      if (!meow_pref)
        return false;

However, I want nothing to do with that interrupting cow, Quick-Find, so I instead made the following changes:
It contains the following changes:
  • findbar.xml
    • method "_shouldFastFind" now always returns false.
    • method "_onBrowserKeypress" assigns null instead of "'" and "/" for TAF keys
    • method "_onBrowserKeypress" now has manualstartFAYT and other logihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifc checks for TAF keys forced to false
  • platformHTMLBindings.xml
    • binding "browser" now has "shift,control" ("VF_23" and "VF_24") instead of "shift any" ("'" and "/") handl[ing] ("cmd_findTypeText" and "cmd_findTypeLinks")
  • tabbrowser.xml
    • method "_handleKeyEvent" nolonger has "FAYT watching" hardcoded into it.

I used 7Zip.org to open my omni.ja file, though any jar/zip archiver should work, but your miliage may vary.


Durga Prasad said...

Hi Darren... Thanks alot dude... Quick find on firefox was bothering me alot... with your help I am able to fix it.

Durga Prasad

Lewis Clark said...

Great post

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