HP driver patches, denied?

During the time I've been neglecting this blog Fixya deleted all of my uploads (manuals and drivers) and the links I posted to where I obtained these.

My appologies to those who have left comments on this blog requesting assistance with this particular problem.

When I attempted to upload a PDF (containing instructions, the webpage that references it and authour's credit with the patch attached) to Google docs today they flagged the file, my account, and required me to do verify my identity by phone before I could continue.

I have requested a review of this file; as it is innoculous compared to the multitude of other files I have uploaded, save for the fact that it makes reference to HP's secret PCL language.

I expect that in two days I get either a "we had to make certain" -or- "your copies of properitary yet publically availble elsewhere documents and files have been removed" and I will have to find alternate hosting.

Expecting that I could direct users to do a Google search for authour's name but much to my surprise Google is refusing to search for it, substituting 'does' instead!

Well, here is a link to hardwarefetish.com's HP Ink Cartridge Expiration Patch.

Also, stash the file "HPFIX.exe" (5,632 bytes) or "HPFIX.zip" somewhere safe for us.

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Hi Snowcat. It's me Bugabear. Me and my friends were wondering if you know anything about the status of New Canada. After the beta the server pretty much disappeared. Also, seeing as how you're an OP could you ask Jesus if we could give me the map file?

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