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Exepcting my travelling companion to stir up shit I decided to remove all CAD programs from my laptop before travelling to the states to avoid accusations of illegally exporting technology in addition other technological activities which are legal where I am now, but not in the states.

Upon returning I recieved notice that one of my major projects was due and I being the dubious bastard I am, was waiting for the request before submiting. (Also the design was still a bit rough.) I was surprised that the Eagle link was still in my startmenu; However, this link was broken as Eagle's uninstaller had neglected to remove the links and associations from my system.

Undetered I downloaded the new version from their homepage and after installing it was surprised that it was requesting the My Documents/Eagle be created. Figuring that I deleted it I clicked no and started to browse for my not in a default location projects folder on my C: drive. It was not there. Neither was the copy of an old backup on my desktop that I had included in Eagle's directory config. And my backup drive is nowhere close to up to date as I had to use that cable for my network printer.

So now a major project is due and the best backup I have is eight months old.


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